Solved – I Cannot Complete Brother Software Installation Error Message
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Solved – I Cannot Complete Brother Software Installation Error Message

Solved – I Cannot Complete Brother Software Installation Error Message

Brother Software Installation Error Message – How to Fix this issue?

The Brother Printer software helps the printer communicate with computer or laptop, and it also helps in driver updates of your Brother Printer. If the software is not installed correctly or having printing issues when you are trying to install it on your computer, then there’s 70% chance that there might be a problem with your computer in the first place.

We suggest our users check if the problem persists from your computer, if not then follow our guide to fixing “I cannot Complete Brother Software Installation Error Message” problem in your Brother Printer.

brother software installation error

How to fix Brother Printer Software Installation Error Message

From time to time, because of compatibility issues, installing an outdated or improper Brother during the setup can create the Brother Printer software installation setup to fail. If the failed Brother Software setup remains on the computer, it might cause issues with other application on your computer or laptop. As a result of this, the computer will become slow. Here’s how to fix Brother Printer Software Installation Error Message.

For USB Connection

Whenever your printer stops responding or isn’t connected to your computer with a USB cable, then this problem will occur, and it won’t let you install the Brother Software. In order to solve the error issue, follow the steps below: –

Step 1– Make sure that your Brother Printer is turned on. Check each every port of your computer and printer, if possible, try taking out your Brother Printer USB cable from both ends and reconnect it.

Step 2– Now connect your printer and pc with the USB.

Step 3– If you’ve already connected the USB cable before the Software installation then. Make sure you’ve got the Bother Software CD/DVD with you.

  1. Disconnect the cable from your Brother Printer
  2. Now close the installation screen by clicking on Cancel on Connect the machine.
  3. Insert the Brother Printer Software DVD into your Computer’s CD Drive.
  4. If you get the screen like the one shown in this picture below, click on Custom Installation.
    brother software errr
  5. Now, click on Repair MFL- Pro suite and follow as the software says.

Step 4– Next Remove your Brother Drivers from the device manager of your PC. Use these steps to fix the problem: –

  • Search Device Manager on your Windows 10 Search Box. On any other OS Go to Control Panel > Hardware and Sound > Device Manager.
    device manager - brother software installation error
  • Inside the Device Manager, look for other devices and click on it to expand the list.
  • Next, you need to find your Brother Driver (Yellow Mark) and Right Click on it and Uninstall. In case you are not able to find Brother Drivers, then click on view at the top of Device Manager Box and Select show hidden devices.
    uninstall device - brother software installation error
  • Once the un-installation part is done, disconnect the Brother Printer and Restart the Computer.
  • Try to reinstall the Brother Software and use only USB 2.0 or Port 2.0.

This is how you can fix Brother Software Installation Error Message from your Brother Printer connected to USB. For wireless check out the other part below.

For Wireless Brother Printer

This method is applicable to Wireless Brother Printers only.

Step 1– You need to uninstall all the brother drivers from Device Manager. (As shown in Step 4 Above)

Step 2– Once the un-installation part is completed; disconnect your Brother Printer from the computer.

Step 3Restart the Computer and Printer.

Step 4Enter the DVD ROM on your Computer’s CD Drive.

Step 5– Rerun Software Installation.

Step 6– Select Wireless Connection from the options in the Connection type.
wireless connection

Step 7– Follow the instruction on the screen and reinstall the brother printer with the help of Brother Software.

These are the ways in which you can fix your Brother Software Installation Error Message if you are still not able to fix your problem then kindly contact the official Brother Support. Here are some of the Official Brother Support Links.


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