Brother Printer Not Printing From Computer? Try These Fixes
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Brother Printer Not Printing From Computer? Try these Fixes

Brother Printer Not Printing From Computer? Try these Fixes

brother printer not printing


Brother Printer users have complained about their printer not printing and, in some cases, not even working when trying to print any important documents from the computer or laptop. It’s merely annoying for the user when they want a printout of documents, images, texts, forms, etc. in the home or office but the Brother Printer doesn’t print wirelessly or with an USB.

We’ve been in the same situation, and we know how annoying it is for you being in the same position that is why we’ve come up with these solutions which will help you fix Brother Printer not Printing from Computer issue.

Well, most of these steps worked for many of our blog readers and us, and we hope that it will work for you too. If in case you are not able to fix the problem from yourself even after trying all the methods shown then don’t be afraid of contacting the Official Brother Printer Support.

Step 1- Solve the Printing Issues from the Windows Troubleshooting Option

The simplest solution to fix any issues is to use Windows Troubleshooting options which can fix the problem automatically without you messing with your computer or printer. Try these steps:

Open Control Panel in your Computer.

open control panel in windows 10

Select Category Option on the top-right corner.

select category option on windows 10

Under Hardware and Sounds Click on view devices and printers.

view devices and printers

Find your Printer>Right Click on it>Click on troubleshoot.


Let the scan complete and then follow the instructions to fix your problem.

Step 2- Check the Computer’s Connection to the Brother Printer Via USB

You may be surprised to know that most of the customers who called us regarding this same issue of difficulty printing, from PC were having a loose connection from the printer to a computer.

The first step we recommend the users is to remove the USB cables from the computer and printer (Make sure to turn off your computer and Brother Printer) then clean the USB cable note: do not use water. Try checking the USB cables are correctly placed and are fastened at both ends.

Step 3- Check the Printer’s Connection Wirelessly

If your Brother printer is connected wirelessly then try these methods to resolve printer not printing from computer issues.

Reboot Your Computer, Wireless Network, and Printer: One of the most straightforward solution one can use to fix the printer problem is to unplug the power cable from Computer, Router, Printer, and wait for a minute or two before plugging in. This solution works in many cases, and you should also give it a try.

Try USB Cable: To ensure that the communication problem between your computer and Brother printer occurs only when connected wirelessly, then try connecting your pc/laptop and printer with a USB cable and do a test print.

Verify the network connectivity between Brother Printer & PC: If you tried the above method (USB Cable) and it works, then the issue is with your network. Try using the methods below and see if the problem gets solved.

Get the machine IP address. On the Brother Printer Press the GO button three times.

go button brother printer

A report will be printed, and on page number 3 you’ll find the printer’s IP Address. Note it down in a piece of paper.

Now obtain your computer’s IP Address. On the computer press, the Windows Key + r at the same time.

windows key + r

In the Run box Type cmd and hit enter or click on OK.

run box

Now inside the command box type ipconfig/all. If you do not receive any info then it this suggests that there is a problem with your PC’s network connection. If the command box returns the information, then find the IPV4 address and note it down.

cmd ipconfig


Next, Ping Brother Printer. Open the command prompt again and type ping xxx.xxxx.xxxx (your Brother Machine IP address which you noted down earlier). And Press Enter.

If you are receiving the replies, that means the printer is connected to the network, and maybe there are some issues with drivers or other hardware parts.

In case you are not getting any answers or for some reasons they are incorrect IP addresses, then it is genuinely confirmed that there is a communication problem between the computer and the printer. In this event, you need to reset your router or contact your network support provider to connect your Brother Printer to the network. You can also count on us to fix your printer not communicating with computer issues, call Our Brother Printer Tech Experts.

Step 4- Update the Brother Printer Drivers

Brother Printer Drivers are software program applications that aid your computer to interact with the printer. Also, if you mounted your printer drivers of the disk that featured your printer, modifications in your computer or running system can occasionally keep these drivers from functioning correctly. Follow the steps below to update your drivers.

In your Windows 10, search box type device manager and select the first option or you can press the four-flag windows logo key + r from your keyboard. Next on the Run box type devmgmt.msc and hit enter.

device manager


Now locate your printer, click on it and expand the selection

Note: If you are not able to find or do not see your printer in the device manager, then you can check the Universal Serial Bus Controllers.

Once you’ve located the printer drivers. Right Click on it and select update driver.

update driver to fix brother printer not printing issues


Alternaetively, you can also download drviers from here Just select the model number of your printer and click on Downloads.

Try the next step if you are still unable to solve the problem.

Step 5- Restart the Print Spooler Service

The print spooler service sometimes may stop sending print jobs to the printer. The main reason behind this issue is caused because of an access violation that takes place in the printer-driver process. Follow the steps shown below and check if the printer not communicating with the computer problem has resolved.

Type services in the search box of Windows 10 or for older versions of windows open the run box by pressing the windows logo and the letter r key from the keyboard and type services.msc then hit enter.



Locate Printer Spooler option in the services.

print spooler brother printer not printing

Now Right Click on Printer Spooler and Click on Restart.

fix brother printer not printing


Once the restart process is done, then try doing a test print from your computer.

We’ve tried our level best to offer you some of the best methods to fix brother printer not communication with printer issues. If you are still not able to fix Brother printer not printing by yourself, try contacting Brother Printer Support. Follow the links below: –

  • Clein Galvert
    Posted at 07:18h, 19 July Reply

    Hi, My printer prints out a test page just fine but won’t print from the computer. It says it has sent the document to the printer. There is no error message. I tried all the steps you showed and the last one worked for me. Restarting the printer spooler services helped me printing from my computer. In the process I also updated my brother printer drivers. Thanks for the guide.

    • admin
      Posted at 10:32h, 20 July Reply

      Glad your printer worked. Please subscribe our blog to get more solutions, guides, and news about Brother Printer.

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